Launching Our New Forum

Launching Our New Forum

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We???re preparing to launch our newly created forum section of our gaming server. It is very important to engage yourself in the community to receive help and practices and take part of the discussions available in the forum.

Discussions are numerous from the general talk to more specific like maps, practices, squads and more.

The rules in the forum will be properly handled and they have to be followed. Additionally, the announcements and sticky threads if any will be also constantly updated in the sections.

Rules in the forums are part of the main rules of our gaming servers. We will add important rules to be followed such as the spamming, multi-accounting, etc

We will publish rules that are important for the gaming community. All the rules are stuck on the administration section and new rules will be added constantly.

The Games

Games are the main topics of our forum that???s why sections are dedicated to different genres of games and they???ll be adjusted over time as we add more games in our server.


Registration is not important in the beginning so you shouldn???t bother having an account at first because everything will be maintained by the management.

The forum will be launched next month.

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