No Stop Gamer Rules

Following the rules below is important for more fun and friendly environment among all players in our game server.


Players have the right to play in an environment which is safe from account phishing, scamming and account selling

Account security is important for all players ot feel safe in our server. Any account phishing or scamming attempt in our server is completely prohibited.


Players have the right to play in an environment which is fair and free of cheating and exploiting.

Cheating and exploiting is not allowed because it spoils the friendly environment in our gaming server.

#3 Inappropriate usernames

The administrator has the right to remove or ban any inappropriate username from the server.
Any username or skin deemed inappropriate by the staff team will be banned from the server until the offending feature has been changed to a more appropriate one.

#4 Multiaccounting
Multiaccounting is the practice of using multiple accounts to gain an advantage in a game. This includes using alts to fill enemy teams with useless players, farming kills on an alt in games like FFA, Assassins, etc.??Players caught doing this will have their stats wiped.
Multi-accounting is the practice of creating multiple accounts to gain an advantage over your opponent in a game. Multi-accounting is not allowed in our server.

#5 Spamming
Spamming is defined as posting unwanted or unnecessary messages, often repeatedly in a short amount of time. Spamming includes posting random strings of symbols, using the same message over and over, asking for free ranks, and other things. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

Spamming is the practice of posting too much messages in the platform. Spamming is not allowed in our server.

#6 Scamming
Scamming is defined as any attempt to trick a player into revealing any personal information such as their password, home address, financial information, or more. Scamming is strictly prohibited. Scamming will result in an immediate permanent mute.

Scamming (the practice of getting information from other players) is completely prohibited.

#7 Advertising
Advertisement is defined as the promotion of other servers, social media accounts, YouTube/Twitch channels, or any other good or service. Advertisement is strictly prohibited.

Users with a Youtuber rank may advertise their channels and other social media accounts.

Players are not allowed their staff like other servers, social media account or any other good or staff. It is completely prohibited.